About Multi Light

The new definition of light: multi light™ technology

Achieving optimal diagnostic and therapeutic results in endoscopic procedures is highly dependent on image quality. Therefore the Multi Light technology was developed providing the observation modes LCI and BLI.

High-intensity illumination based on Multi Light technology creates high-quality images with White Light and the observation modes LCI (Linked Color Imaging) and BLI (Blue Light Imaging). With the involvement of numerous clinical experts, the ideal composition of the LEDs for each observation mode has been developed to achieve the optimal results in illumination. With a simple push of a button, you can easily switch between the following observation modes:

  • A high performance spectrum of light is generated from a powerful light source with four individual LED light bulbs.
  • Enhanced visualisation of haemoglobin, and thus blood vessels, is generated by the high peak intensity of short-wavelength light (blue-violet and blue).
  • Specific light spectrum settings targeting the mucosal layers result in improved contrast and higher definition of imaging.

Unique multi light™ technology for excellent visualisation

Optimal light configuration of four LEDs

With the involvement of numerous clinical experts the ideal composition of four LEDs has been developed to achieve the optimal results in illumination.

White Light Mode

White light mode

The white light mode provides superior image quality in terms of sharpness and brightness to gather optimal visual information for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in daily clinical practice.