Advanced Endoscopy Training in Diagnosis and Therapy in 2019

We herewith announce a series of practical and theoretical trainings based on the new developments in imaging technologies.

The aims of these intensive workshops are to maintain and improve GI endoscopic skills especially when using advanced imaging techniques in combination with advanced endoscopic techniques such as ESD.

June 27/28, 2019 | Nov. 21/22, 2019 in Mainz, Germany
Training language: English

There will be a combination of interesting lectures explaining the different techniques, showing examples of daily practice combined with a series of live procedures and expert-guided hands-on trainings.

See the complete training programme here.

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Advanced Endoscopy Training

Enhance the quality of upper GI endoscopy is the new paradigm for western countries. The course is designed to deepen understanding of key elements for quality of upper GI endoscopy. Either the theoretical lessons and the live demonstrations will train to the best endoscopic performance. With a special focus on MAPS – evaluation, risk profiling, and surveillance – in first session.

In the second session of the course, state of the art examination of the esophagus, gastric focal lesions and the duodenum will be presented. With a special focus on Barrett esophagus – evaluation, risk profiling – and esophageal cancer.

May 30/31, 2019 | Nov. 28/29, 2019 in Crema, Italy
Training language: English

Please see the complete programme here

Limited number of places are available to maintain the best quality of the workshop. Register yourself via the following link.