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New Book “Endoscopic Semiology of the Colon” available

Detection, characterisation and resection with the help of the multi-light modes Linked Colour Imaging (LCI) and Blue Light Imaging (BLI):
As the second of a 3-book series by Prof. Emmanuel Coron (CHU de Nantes, FRA), Dr. Gabriel Rahmi (HEGP, Paris, FRA) and Prof. Lucine Vuitton (CHU , Besançon, FRA) ‘Endoscopic Semiology of the Colon’ covers the theoretical analysis of the colon and its challenging conditions that is essential for any gastroenterologist, complemented by a collection of 11 case studies in order to directly relate to medical practice and illustrate the most representative endoscopic aspects.

General Summary:

  • Foreword
  • Endoscopic imaging of the colon and how technological developments will influence the paradigms of medical decision-making
  • Colorectal polyps: from screening to characterisation and how to choose the right therapeutic strategy
  • Colonoscopy in the context of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD): an indispensable tool for all stages of care
  • Artificial intelligence: Perspectives in the developments in the field of digestive endoscopy
  • Clinical cases
  • 2018: Do we live in an ideal world?
  • The Eluxeo™ techniques (BLI and LCI)


To download the free electronic version (PDF, 150 MB) , click below:


Please also see the first book of this series ‘Endoscopic Semiology of the Oesophagus’ here ( (PDF, 200 MB) ).

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