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New Book “Endoscopic Semiology of the Oesophagus” available

Detection and characterisation with the help of the multi-light modes Linked Colour Imaging and Blue Light Imaging:
As the first of a 3-book series by Prof. Emmanuel Coron (CHU de Nantes, FRA) and Dr. Gabriel Rahmi (HEGP, Paris, FRA),
‘Endoscopic Semiology of the Oesophagus’ covers the theoretical analysis of the Oesophagus and its challenging conditions that is essential for any gastroenterologist, complemented by a collection of 11 case studies in order to directly relate to medical practice and illustrate the most representative endoscopic aspects.

General Summary:

  • Foreword
  • What is a normal oesophagus?
  • Barrett’s oesophagus: from metaplasia to cancer
  • Superficial squamous cell carcinoma
  • Clinical cases
  • The Eluxeo endoscopy system (LCI and BLI)
  • To download the free electronic version, click below:

    Endoscopic Semiology of the Oesophagus

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